• RPBet FAQ Landing

    Q: What is RPBet?
    A: RPbet is now a mobile wagering app that allows you to bet with convenience, privacy and security, using your smartphone or tablet. Select a One Day Pass for a single day of RPBet wagering.

    Q: What is a One Day Pass?
    A: A One Day Pass is easy to open. Just select 'One Day Pass' with you open the app. Your balance mist be cashed out at the end of your visit.

    Q: Which devices can I use?
    A: IOS Devices from Apple including the IPad, IPhone and IPod Touch (download Apple); and Android devices (download Android).

    Q: What are my funding options?
    A: You can fund RPBet at all self-service terminals.
           • From the app dashboard, select 'Digital Link'
           • Select 'Terminal Connect'
           • Scan QR Code from your device at the self-service terminal
           • Insert cash, winning ticket or credit vouchers and hot 'Finish'. Check your app for the balance.

    Q: Can I cancel a bet?
    A: Any bets eligible for cancellation can be canceled from the 'My bets' section.

    Q: Do I Cash Out or Withdraw
    A: Select 'Withdraw' from the Wallet Menu when you wish to withdraw funds but continue using your One Day Pass. This will NOT close your One Day Pass as it will remain active until the end of the day or until you decide to Cash Out.
            • To fully Close Your One Day Pass, select 'Cash Out'.
            • Once this action has been taken, you must open a new One Day Pass on RPBet the next time you wish to use the app to wager.

    Want to Learn More .... Select 'Tutorial' from the app's home screen. It will then walk you through the key features of the app.