How To RPBet Landing
    1-Download the RPBet Application
        • Android Download
        • Apple Download
        • You only have to down load the app once. After the original download, open the app while at Remington Park to wager.

    2-Sign up and select 'One Day Pass'
        • Choose Pin and confirm
        • Enter Rewards Card number (if you have one) & submit
        • Check box verifying you are of legal age

    3-Fund RPBet at a self-service terminal
        • In the app, go to Digital Link
        • Next - click Terminal Connect
        • Hold QR code to the screen and deposit cash

    4-Place your bets
        • Select track, then place your wagers

    5-All winnings will be credited to you digital wallet

    6-Collect your winnings
        • Collect your winnings by selecting the 'Withdrawal' option in your digital wallet. RPBet will generate a secure QR Code that you can than scan at a self-service terminal or a designated teller window in order to collect.

    Want to Learn More .... Select 'Tutorial' from the app's home screen. It will then walk you through the key features of the app.