Horsemen's Information

    Training Race Policy Change
    The TRAINER with horses entered in training races will be responsible for the payment of the
    $50 administrative fee to the bookkeeper for each horse.

    Any questions regarding the policy change can be directed to the Racing Office or
    the Horsemen's Bookkeeper.
    Racing Office Directory       Racing Schedule
    Racing Office 405-425-3271  Send foal registration papers to:
    Racing Office - Fax  405-425-3219  Remington Park Racing Office 
    Racing Secretary, Mike Shamburg 405-419-4481 One Remington Place
    Racing Secretary, Tim Williams ext. 3235 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
    Assistant Racing Secretary, Mike Acton ext. 3930 blank
    Racing Office ext: 3949, 3929, 3930, 3931, 3936 2017 American Quarter Horse
    Entry Booths ext. 3933, 3934, 3935  and Mixed Breed Season Schedule
    Stable Gate / Security  405-425-3284 Horsemen on backside: Friday, Feb. 3
    Clockers ext. 3914, 3915 Horses on backside: Monday, Feb. 6
    Stall Superintendant, Shawn Berquist 405-425-4090, ext. 4117 Track opens for training: Tuesday, Feb. 7
    Maintence  ext. 3562
    OHRC  ext. 3975, 3976, 3977  Training Hours: 7-11am (break 9-9:30am)
    OHRC Licensing Office 405-419-4441 Training Race days: 7-10am (no break)
    Stewards ext. 3943
    Track Status/Extra Hotline ext. 3250 Training Races begin: Wednesday, Feb. 8
    Horsemen's Liaison, Standy Steinberg 405-419-4459 Every Wednesday (Thursday, if needed)
    blank  blank   
    Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma     Thursday-Saturday
    President: Dave Faulkner  
    Executive Director: Danielle Barber    
    One Remington Place  
    Oklahoma City, OK 73111    dawn-dusk
    Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association  American Quarter Horse Association 
    President: Wendy Ingersoll    806-376-4811
    Executive Director: Debbie Schauf    
    Remington Park Office Phone 405-427-6146
    Edmond Office 405-216-0440  
    Fax 405-216-0770
     Horsemen's Bookkeeper - Patsy Bessonett
       Incompass Account Access  
      Access Your Horsemen's Account On-Line 
    You must first contact the Horsemen's Bookkeeper to get your Account Number & Pin Number
     Phone (morning)  405-419-4424  
     Phone (afternoon)  405-424-1000 • ext. 3955
     Fax  405-425-3267    
     e-mail   patsy.bessonett@remingtonpark.com   

        Race Videos
    Cost: DVD - $35 (first race), $25 (each additional race)
    Orders are taken for Race DVDs at The Racing Information Center located on the Track Level.

    The cost of orders are deducted from your horsemen's account with the bookkeeper.
    If no account is available, other payment must be arranged prior to your order.

    Winning Race DVDs
    Race DVDs for winning owners that are members of the HBPA/OQHRA are provided at no cost.
    Winning race DVDs will be mailed to the address on file with the Horsemen's Bookkeeper.

    For additional questions or to e-mail order information ...
     click here